make me choose // anon asked: Green Michael or Nutella Michael? (haircolor)

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5 Seconds of Summer: The Billboard Cover Photo Shoot
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Anonymous was like;
Do you know the youngest the boys would date? P.S your blog is amazing <3

thank you so much ♥ i don’t know what the youngest age 5sos would date, i think mainly abt their age, maybe older or one or two years younger, i’ve seen ppl saying 14 year old as youngest, but that seems a bit young to me, but i think it depends on the girl, i don’t know.

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Anonymous was like;
How many tattoos does mikey have and what are they

he has an ‘X’ on his middle finger, an anchor on his thumb, ‘To The Moon’ on his arm, and he got a new tattoo recently on his other arm, i’m not sure what it means, but i’d like to know :-) (it also reminds me a bit of tyler posey’s tattoo, even tho they’re different)

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